AppointmentsNow - rules based online scheduling

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Why You Need It
If you've got customers that take appointments for their business then they will take on-line bookings.  It's a matter of when and who will provide the service.  With AppointmentsNow you have the opportunity to reach the market quickly without the usual R&D costs.  Be First, Be Strong.  Don't allow someone else to service your customer.

Customers Want It
Give the customers what they want, when they want it and they will stand by you forever.  Listen to your customers and their customers.  The consumer is leading the way and they want convenience and customer service.

Improve Your Offering
Successful and long term businesses always evolve with the goal to improve.  Whether it's streamlining your operations or simply not repeating your mistakes, evolution is critical to stay on top.  Adding the technology to your product mix will result in more sales.

Increase Revenue
One of the real advantages of becoming an AppointmentsNow VAR is that you are able to package and price the services any way you desire.  Some businesses elect to charge a license fee, others a transaction fee, some a monthly fee, and still others charge nothing and incorporate the technology into their core product offering.  The choice is yours and the opportunities are large.

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