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TrueHa’s revolutionary and proprietary architecture is implemented with Microsoft’s flagship development environment, Visual Studio .NET.  This allows us to construct software that is richer and in less time.

We use SQL Server 2000 as our high performance database engine and we have developed our application framework using C#.  There is no legacy code here, all of the application has been developed from the beginning using the .NET framework.

.NET  is many things to many people.  Although Microsoft builds fantastic software, they have not done a real good job of conveying the message of .NET.  To us and our customers, it means we can easily use features of all of Microsoft’s products with their object based interfaces.  It means many of the common routines for collections, trees, arrays and queues are built in to the .NET framework so we don’t have to develop them.  It means we can more easily integrate different systems.  It means that our software is more reliable.  .NET also gives us a great programming language, C# that is more advanced than Java, as powerful as C++ and as easy to use as Visual Basic.

To learn more about .NET check out these links from Microsoft:

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